Monday, July 22, 2013

Looming Darkness

Death is fear, fear is nothing,
Yet everything if you let it getcha,
Things left unsaid till you hit the bed,
When them nightmares come out, demons eating atcha,

Forgetting everything they thought ya,
Unrecognizing till in ya veins it burns ya,
Burning away the same people whom brought you up,
Same people you keep fighting, n then keep flighting with,

Must be a special kinda faker, to keep at whatcha do,
Maybe aint a liar, but in the end that words further than the definition,
Let down everyone, especially whom mattered,
Hit that rock, now for that rise, till i reach that sky,

Hope all this aint all for waste, proposing a new way to be gay,
Keeping yourself, being yourself, lifes yours to melt,
Reform to a coin, heads or tails, shouldnt matter,
Lifes yours to mould, into the perfection youve built in your mind,

But keep it an open one, for things ain't set in stone,
Life's what you make it, for its how you view it,
Sometimes reality aint just, surreals all youve got,
Its in that moment your angels appear,
But are you willing to see it, or will you sucumb to torment, that is the question.

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